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PAUL's Priority

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Our ingredients are carefully selected and prepared at the peak of freshness to preserve nutritional benefits and bring maximum enjoyment. We don’t use any artificial ingredients of colourings to extend the shelf life of our products. We continually develop new products that use both locally sourced and seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Zero Palm Oil

We use Zero Palm Oil in our products and are continuously reviewing all new ingredients to ensure this is strictly adhered to. We avoid ingredients from endangered plants or animals and also avoid GMO products to ensure the greatest benefit for our customers.


Healthy Products

PAUL has always been committed to offering healthy products which contribute to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Today we offer an increasing range of items designed to meet changing customer preferences.


Staff Allergens Training

We want our customers to have confidence in their choice and therefore we provide robust allergen training to all staff members and provide a full allergen list of all our products on our website and in store. Don’t hesitate to ask our teams for help in store if you have any allergens or dietary requirements.