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What is the minimum online order?
Are there any restrictions when ordering online?
Can I collect my order from a shop?
What are your delivery charges?
What time can you deliver?
What if I want to send the delivery to a different address to my registered address?
Do you take card payments?
Can I order over the phone?
What if you don't have my postcode on the list?
Can I order a weekend delivery?
Can I order a delivery outside London?
How far in advance should I place my order?
My delivery is late, who do I contact?
What if there is something missing or damaged from my delivery?
How do I set up a corporate account?
Who to contact about your order?


Does PAUL have a loyalty scheme?
What’s new?
How can I get the new PAUL UK app?
Do I receive points on my loyalty card from online orders?


What are your opening hours?
Can ingredients be substituted within PAUL's products?
Where can I find your allergens & nutritional information?
How long can I keep your products and where should I store them?
Which products contain alcohol?
How can I personalise a cake?
How can I book a table at your restaurant?
How can I contact the Delivery Service team?
Do you offer a student discount?
What are the terms & conditions for your offers?
Where can I find PAUL UK's gender pay gap information?
Where can I find PAUL UK's Modern Slavery Report information?