Order freshly baked PAUL bread online to enjoy at home. All our loaves are carefully handcrafted by our artisans in our bakeries daily. From irresistible crusty bread housed with olives to multigrain and seeded loaves, choose from 400g or 800g, perfect for sharing and a delightful addition to any dinner table.


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French Bread and Baguette at PAUL

PAUL started life as a bakery in the 19th Century, and we still make our bread by hand in our own bakeries daily. Our philosophy is very simple: excellent bread depends on excellent ingredients and time-honoured methods of production. It takes seven hours to make every PAUL loaf. 

We allow for longer fermentation so that our dough can develop its full flavour. We use no additives or preservatives and only natural yeast and sea salt. You can order our bread for home delivery, including the classic everyday Pain Ancien, the seedy, crunchy Multigrain and the Two Olive bread with its flavours of Provence, all in either 400g or 800g sizes.  

Fresh Bread Delivery

Our bakers work all night so that you can enjoy our Baguettes, and other classic French Breads at their fresh, delicious, best. To order via our website, just place your order no later than 12 noon and your freshly baked, hand-crafted bread will be delivered the following day for you to enjoy. 

Some are also available to Click & Collect from your nearest PAUL. You can also order a selection of PAUL bread direct from our shops via UberEats and Deliveroo, subject to availability.