Loyalty is getting an upgrade at PAUL

We're proud to say we have launched a brand new payment and loyalty app to replace the La Carte Noire Loyalty Programme. The PAUL UK app is the quickest way for you to pay at PAUL and earn delicious rewards, all with a simple scan of your phone.

How can I get the new PAUL UK App?

The PAUL UK App is available to download on your mobile phone from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

About the new PAUL UK Loyalty Programme
1. Mobile payments

Use your phone to pay for your order and earn rewards at the same time. All your loyalty account details in one place: manage your account, view your transaction history, get digital receipts, check your points balance, stamps collected and Points Store vouchers, all on your phone.

2. A new Points Store

Every time you pay using the App you’ll earn points to spend in our new points store. For every £1 you spend using the App, you earn 100 points. As your points accumulate, you’ll be able to exchange them from free items.

3. Collect digital stamps to earn free hot drinks

The new App has a stamp card feature for hot drinks. Pay for your hot drinks using the App and collect ‘stamps’ to earn free hot drinks with our ‘Buy 9 and get the 10th FREE’ reward.

4. Enjoy surprise rewards from us

From time to time we’ll be surprising you by adding special rewards to your account to thank you for being a great PAUL customer.

What happens to my existing loyalty card and account? Our La Carte Noire scheme is being wound down, so you should check your loyalty account and make sure that you redeem any free items and spend your loyalty points and any cash credit as soon as possible. You will have until 20th July 2019 to redeem your free items and use your points against in store purchases. After that, your card, along with any free items, points or cash balance on your account will expire. Points cannot be transferred from La Carte Noire to the App. For more information, check our Frequently Asked Questions section below.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: When is PAUL UK introducing a loyalty app?
A: Now! You can download our app from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Q: What changes are you making to the loyalty programme?
A: We have replaced our La Carte Noire Loyalty card with the PAUL UK mobile App. You can download the App onto your phone from either the Apple App Store or Google Play, link your chosen payment card (optional) securely to the App and use it to pay at PAUL and earn rewards. Instead of receiving 1 point for every £1 (One Pound) you spend and being able to redeem your points in store, you will receive 100 points for every £1 (One Pound) or more simply a point for every penny you spend using the new App. Once you start spending you will be able to exchange points for free items available in the points store. Our ‘Buy 9 and get the 10th Free’ offer will remain for hot drinks only, and the new App allows you to collect digital ‘stamps’ whenever you pay for a hot drink using the App. The free hot drink includes any size of hot drink excluding seasonal specials.
Q: I use my loyalty card to pay for items, what do I do?
A: If you have a credit balance on your loyalty card, please use it by 20th July 2019. After that, you can use your new PAUL UK App to pay for all your favourite PAUL goodies by linking your payment credit or debit card to the App. Please note, points or balance cannot be transferred from La Carte Noire to the App. 
Q: How do I pay using the new PAUL UK App?
A: Link your debit or credit card to the App. This will generate your own personal QR code. When you’re ready to pay, simply present your QR code to be scanned at the till. It’s quick and easy. Payment will be taken and your rewards added at the same time.
Q: How secure is the PAUL UK App?
A: PAUL UK never stores payment details on your phone, in fact we do not send any card information as part of the transaction. The PAUL UK App is powered by Yoyo Wallet. Yoyo Wallet has developed an ultra secure tokenisation system that generates a single use QR code that constantly changes, even when you’re offline. This makes it even more secure than a card payment. QR codes have several benefits:
  • The QR codes change every 30 seconds, even if you’re not using them
  • QR codes continue to refresh, even without connectivity
  • Customers can make purchases without the need for mobile connectivity
You don’t need to ‘top up’ your account. The App allows you to pay for each transaction separately. You can add a pin number or fingerprint entry to the App on your phone for extra security.
Q: Are there any hidden costs when paying using the PAUL UK App?
A: When a customer first links their payment card to the app there is a 2p charge deducted. This charge is refunded after 5 days to your payment account.
Q: What types of credit/debit card can I link to the PAUL UK App?
A: You can link any debit or credit card from Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
Q: Do I receive points on my loyalty card from online orders?
A: Unfortunately, online orders do not accumulate points on your Loyalty app anymore. At present, you can only earn points through purchases/transactions made in shops.
Q: Can I transfer my points from La Carte Noire to the new App?
A: No. Please redeem your points in store by 20th July 2019, after which they will expire on La Carte Noire.
Q: Can I transfer my credit balance to the new App?
A: No. Please make sure you spend any credit balance you have on your Carte Noire by 20th July 2019, after which it will expire.
Q: I have points on my La Carte Noire card, will these expire?
A: Your La Carte Noire points will expire on 20th July 2019, so you have two months from the launch date of the new App to redeem your points in store.
Q: How do I check whether I have any free items to claim on my loyalty card account?
A: Just log into your loyalty account via our website to check any free items that are waiting for you to claim them. Make sure you claim them before 20th July 2019.
Q: Will gift cards no longer be available if the La Carte Noire card is no longer available?
A: It is no longer possible to buy a Gift Card.
Q: I was given a Gift Card with money on it to spend at PAUL, or to buy a place at a PAUL Masterclass or to pay for Afternoon Tea. Or I gave such a gift to someone else. Will I / the recipient of my gift card still be able to spend my gift if the La Carte Noire is being withdrawn?
A: It will still be possible to spend the credit on a PAUL gift card but we encourage you to spend all credit before 20th July 2019. If card balances have not been spent after this date, customers will need to contact us directly to investigate. Please note, all gift card balances expire if a gift card has not been used for at least 1 transaction after initial purchase as per our terms and conditions.
Q: Who do I contact if I have problems with my La Carte Noire loyalty card?
A: Email us at and we will do our best to resolve any issues you have with your current loyalty card.