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When the forecast is fine, it’s time to head for the hills (or the garden, the park, the riverside, or the beach) with a bumper bag-full of tasty treats.  Everyone loves to eat en Plein air, and you can order a picnic online from PAUL.  Find your inspiration for picnic breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea right here.  What’s more, we’ll deliver it to your door, ready for you to grab your picnic blanket with your picnic party food and go!


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Picnic Online from PAUL UK


Our scrumptious picnic food includes 7 different Lunch Boxes for 1, with vegan options.  Choose from 4 classic PAUL sandwiches made with our freshly baked artisan bread, or from 3 generous, tasty salads.  Each Lunch Box comes with the sandwich or salad of your choice, a bottled cold drink, a packet of PAUL crisps, an apple or a banana, and a sweet treat such as a raspberry macaron, a trio of mini chocolate beignets, or, for vegans, a chocolate & banana oat pot. 

Packed into a smart box with a carry handle, it’s the perfect portable picnic, and each guest has their own individual meal.   Try our platters of 24 mini sandwiches (meat or veg) for happy sharing, enough for 10 people.  For dessert, try including a selection of our individual strawberry, lemon, chocolate, or caramel tartlets,  or a box of our renowned mini macarons always goes down well.

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Order a Picnic Food Delivery


Ever considered a breakfast picnic? Perhaps croissants and pastries aren’t the picnic foods that immediately spring to mind, but an earlier start on a hot day means it’s cooler and fresher, and you can grab the best spot in the park or on the beach too!

A selection of our famous Viennoiseries – golden pure-butter croissants, pain au chocolat with their heart of dark chocolate, escargots raisins filled with vanilla custard, and plump raisins - makes for a mouth-watering, easily portable breakfast.

If you can’t decide which pastries to go for, choose something like our mini Viennoiserie platter for 12 people. Grab some hot or iced drinks to go en route, or bring thermos flasks of your favorite beverages with you.

Making the most of the summer shouldn’t be hard work. Just order a picnic, (order by midday for delivery the following day) we’ll deliver it, and off you go. Bon appétit!