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Whether you are looking for the perfect cake for a celebration, browsing breakfast ideas or searching for catering options for large meetings or celebrations, our food has something for everyone. Please note we have a slightly reduced range online due to the Covid-19 situation. We have more available in-store and we're hoping to bring the full range back soon!

To view all Christmas products available to buy in-stores, click here for our Festive Catalogue.


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  1. Chocolate Macaron Cake

  2. Summer Berry Layer Cake

  3. Fraisier Cake

    As low as £28.95
  4. Craquant

    As low as £30.95
  5. Strawberry Summer Cheesecake

  6. Apricot Cheesecake

  7. Charlotte Framboise Cake

  8. Fleur De Lys Cake

  9. Duo Chocolat Cake

  10. Tarte Abricot

  11. Tarte Fruits Rouges

  12. Moelleux Chocolat Cake