We introduced our first cake range in the early 1950s, using our own family recipes. More than 60 years later, 21st Century technology means you can order cake online, but our baking methods haven’t changed: we’re still hand-crafting wonderful traditional French cakes that taste every bit as good as they look, using only the finest ingredients. Every cake in the range is a celebration cake, made for sharing, whether it’s a birthday cake or another happy occasion. Every fruity Fraisier or Framboisier, or delightfully decadent Craquant or Chocolate Macaron Cake is a little celebration in itself. Please note we have a slightly reduced range available online at present due to the Covid-19 situation.



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  1. Apricot Cheesecake

  2. Strawberry Summer Cheesecake

  3. Cherry Clafoutis

  4. Chocolate Macaron Cake

  5. Chocolate Layer Cake

  6. Summer Berry Layer Cake

  7. Craquant

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  9. Charlotte Fraise Cake

  10. Charlotte Framboise Cake

  11. Forêt Noire

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