Traditional French Cakes

Our cakes collection includes several traditional French cakes of the type which you can find in bakeries and pâtisseries throughout France.  They include fresh fruit Charlottes – a velvety custard, lightened with whipped cream, encased in Genoese sponge fingers and topped with fresh strawberries or raspberries – the perennially popular fresh strawberry Fraisier and fresh raspberry Framboisier, the moreish Millefeuille and chocolate lovers’ favourites such as the Opéra.  Please note we have a slightly reduced range available online at present due to the Covid-19 situation.



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  1. Millefeuille Cake

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  2. Tarte Myrtille

  3. Fleur De Lys Cake

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  5. Charlotte Framboise Cake

  6. Charlotte Fraise Cake

  7. Forêt Noire

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