Toasted Sandwiches

Part toasted, part grilled, the Croque is really a distant French cousin of the British toasted sandwich.  Generous, robustly flavoured and oozing with melted cheese, it’s no wonder that the Croque has become so popular.   At PAUL we offer four varieties of this world famous sandwich.

Throughout France you will find the Croque Monsieur on the menus of kiosks, cafés and bistros.  PAUL’s Croque Monsieur (Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwich) is the ideal hot snack, a perfectly simple combination of Emmental cheese, ham and cream on white bread. 

A version to suit vegetarians is the Mushroom Toasted Sandwich (Croque Forestier), made with sautéed mushrooms, Emmental cheese and béchamel sauce. 

The Croque Basque (Chorizo and Camembert) with its happy union of French and Spanish flavours is one of our best sellers.

Lastly, the Croque Florentine (Spinach and Goat’s Cheese Toasted Sandwich) is another crowd pleaser and also suitable for vegetarians.  The light and understated spinach and goat’s cheese are enhanced by the addition of honey, walnuts, Emmental cheese, cream and Provençal herbs. 

We also offer platters of Mini Croques or Mini Quiches and Croques for delivery only for catering and special occasions