Large Salads

It’s always good to have some lighter options available for your lunch meeting, and our popular fresh salads are all now available in a larger sharing size, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian salads to choose from.  

Our freshly prepared salads are now available as both individual servings and larger platters to serve 4 people.  When you order a Large Salad to share, we will also include a Baguette of your choice, disposable plates, cutlery and napkins and salad dressing. 

Choose from the following menu: 

Chicken Salad Platter (Salade Fermière)  - sliced chicken breast, grated carrots, Emmental cheese, apple, raisins walnuts and mixed leaves. 

Tuna Salad Platter (Salade Niçoise) – the Provençal classic with tuna, egg, green beans, new potatoes, tomatoes, black olives, salad leaves and parsley.

Goat’s Cheese Salad Platter (Salade Chèvre) – with light, creamy goat’s cheese, Provençale herbs, grilled peppers, sun dried tomatoes and mixed salad.

Beef Salad Platter (Salade Rôti de Boeuf) – with sliced roast beef, cherry tomatoes, gherkins, sliced radish, grated onions, watercress and Batavia salad.

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad (Salade Tomate Mozzarella) – fusilli pasta, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan flakes, black olives, wild rocket, olive oil and pesto dressing and croutons. 

Choose your Plain,  Poppy Seed or Sesame Seed Baguette to go with your salad and voilà, the perfect light working lunch.