Hot Range

Introduce some variety to your lunch meeting menu by choosing from our hot range of Quiches and sandwiches.  They are very appetising on their own, or when mixed with any of our other lunch ideas such as large salads and small breads

We think our French version of a hot dog (Chaud Saucisse)  is one of the best in town, presented in freshly baked PAUL bread and topped with béchamel sauce, grated Emmental cheese and mustard. 

Our range of four different Croques provides something to please everyone.  Our quiches include the famous Quiche Lorraine with its filling of Emmental cheese and smoked bacon, the Leek Tart (Flamiche Poireaux) from Picardy in Northern France and the Salmon and Spinach Tart Tourte Saumon Épinard also from Northern France, all made with buttery pastry, eggs and cream. 

Try adding a selection of our larger Salads to share, and some Fougasse breads, made with cheese, bacon or olives, mini breadsticks (Benoiton) with olives or savoury Pretzels (Bretzel Salé) for a really satisfying lunch.