When you’re wondering ‘where can I find somewhere to order breakfast delivery near me?’, we have the solution for you.  Order online and we will deliver our fabulous breakfast pastries to you the next day.


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Breakfast Food Delivery at PAUL

Every PAUL bakery is filled with the irresistible aroma of freshly baked Viennoiserie in the morning.   Order your breakfast delivery to experience our freshly baked pastries for yourself. 


The classic PAUL Croissant is the real thing: perfectly flaky, buttery pastry, both crispy and soft and with a glorious flavour.   The Croissant Amandes adds a filling of frangipane and a topping of flaked almonds.  The PAUL Pain au Chocolat features not one but two bars of delectable dark chocolate.  


The Escargot Raisin (Raisin Pastry coiled like a snail’s shell) has a moist, delicious filling of vanilla custard and plump raisons.  Our Gourmandise is a buttery pastry filled with vanilla custard and dark chocolate drops.  Our Mini Beignets, bite-sized doughnuts with a chocolate/hazelnut centre, are just irresistible.   What a way to start the day.

Order Breakfast Online

Order your freshly baked breakfast by 12 noon on the day before you want it to be delivered.  You can place orders via our website for 4 Croissants, 4 Pain au Chocolat, 4 Escargot Raisins or The Best of PAUL (2 croissants, 2 pain au chocolat), as well as Mini Beignets in quantities ranging from 5 to 100, individual Croissant Amandes, individual Palmier Biscuits and the Gourmandise Duo. 


The majority are available for delivery only, although our Mini Beignets are also available to Click & Collect from your local PAUL bakery.  A selection of our breakfast products can also be ordered for delivery from Deliveroo and UberEats, subject to availability.