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Freshly Baked Bread

 Baguette Multigrain 250g
Baguette Paul 250g
Baguette Sesame 250g
Baguette Pavot 250g
Baguette Charlemagne 250g
Baguette Natural 250g
Baguette Natural Shorter 250g
Baguette Nordic 250g
Epi Baguette 250g
Pain 2 Olives Rd 800g
Pain Campagne Rd 800g
Pain Paul Round 800g
Pain Multigraines Rd 800g
Nordic Bread 300g
Boule Charlemagne 400g
Pain Campagne Long 400g
Pain Complet Long 400g
Pain 2 Olives Long 400g
Pain Multigrain 400g 
Pain Paul Long 400g
Brioche Boulangere 400g
Bretzel Sale
Benoiton Cheese 50g
Benoiton 2 Olives 50g
Fougasse Olive 100g
Fougasse Rosemary And Salt 125g
Fougasse Bacon 100g