PAUL Picnic Tips

PAUL Picnic Tips

It’s National Picnic Month!

July has arrived and so has the warm British weather. The local parks and green outdoor spaces are beckoning for picnics to be enjoyed in the sun.


No more 'Al Desko' (eating one's lunch whilst still working at your desk)! Instead, take your lunch outside in the sunshine and enjoy a picnic lunch with our freshly made salads, sandwiches, summer drinks and snack pots.


Did you know?

The word ‘picnic’ is derived from the French word ‘piquenique’ meaning to ‘pick a place’, where groups of people could enjoy a peaceful meal together. This al-fresco dining style was popular in France after the French Revolution where people would mingle in royal parks and enjoy wine, bread, cheese and fruit under the sky.


PAUL Picnic Tips

Picnicking is all about an instant social meal outdoors, and we have some excellent tips to ensure you have a successful picnic without soggy sandwiches and heavy food bags.  


Keep it simple

Fresh PAUL sandwiches, snack pots and salad boxes mean you can focus on the company, not complex food and cooking (we’ll do that for you!). Try our new  Power Pot Bites from £1.95:

  • Try out new Power Pot Bites from £1.95, including a Vegan Falafel Snack Pot, with Falafel, cucumber & tzatziki mix; Egg & Spinach Pot; or Almond Butter & Apple Slices (available in selected stores)

power pot bites protein pots


  • Salade Fermière - £4.95. A delicious Chicken Salad with grated carrots, Emmental cheese, sliced chicken breast, chopped apple, raisins, walnuts and mixed salad leaves.

  • Sandwich Tomate Mozzarella - £4.10. The classic tomatoes & mozzarella cheese sandwich with a dash of basil pesto presented in our freshly baked Two Olive Bread. 

  • Picnic like a Parisian for under £6! Check out our lunch deal for that includes a sandwich, drink and snack for just £5.95


Reusable cutlery 

Why not pack some reusable cutlery and cups to save on wastage at your picnic

Try some healthy vegan options

We’ve got a delicious range of vegan items such as our new Vegan Falafel Salad box to grab & go. 


Pick the right spot 

Not too far, grassy, plenty of shade and peaceful!  


Pack a picnic blanket

(Preferably easy-to-clean & waterproof)


There’s always room for dessert!

Why not share round some colourful macarons or summery fruit tartlets 

summer tartlet

Stay hydrated 

From frappes to iced teas, we have a refreshing selection of summer iced drinks to keep you cool this picnic season 

summer frappes 

Don’t forget the sun-cream!  


Have fun!

Share you special al-fresco moments with us using #PAULmoments 



Don’t forget to pack up after yourself and recycle what you can

PAUL Picnic Tips