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  1. The Art of the Croissant

    The Art of the Croissant

    Choose a croissant made with pure butter and eat it warm or at room temperature The golden rule is to eat a freshly baked croissant. That’s a golden rule for every French...
  2. Carrot Mug Cake Recipe!

    Carrot Mug Cake Recipe!

    We think this recipe is a winner especially because it's easy enough to make, doesn't require many ingredients, can be made with the family and is quite simply, delicious! Ingredients Don't feel...
  3. Garlic Croutons - Recipes to make at home

    Garlic Croutons - Recipes to make at home

    As we all adjust to our new reality, we know how hard it can be to come up with great ideas for what to eat every day, three meals a day.  Knowing...
  4. Temporary Bakery Closures

    Temporary Bakery Closures

    To our loyal customers, Since my last update to you on Thursday, we have been monitoring the ever-changing situation and paying close attention to Government updates. Following yesterday’s Government announcement urging people...
  5. Getting Green in 2019!

    Getting Green in 2019!

    THANK YOU! You've helped us to become more eco friendly and we're so proud of how far we have come in 2019. Here's a snapshot of the projects we completed last year...
  6. PAUL’s Lunch Deal for £5.95

    PAUL’s Lunch Deal for £5.95

    Lunch Made Easy Pop into PAUL and Lunch like a Parisian (for a fraction of the price!). Calling all lunchers… PAUL is now offering a lunchtime deal which includes a scrumptious sandwich...

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