THANK YOU! You've helped us to become more eco friendly and we're so proud of how far we have come in 2019.

Here's a snapshot of the projects we completed last year to improve our environmental impact, support local communities and reward our wonderful staff...

Our Fight against Food Waste!

Each year we look for creative and effective ways to reduce our food waste.  In 2019 we managed to provide 36,969 MEALS to The Felix Project through our delicious bread pudding (created from our unsold bread and pastries) as well as collections made in our Holland Park and Notting Hill Gate stores. We managed to rescue 55,012 meals with Too Good To Go, and we have started to recycle our coffee waste with Bio-Bean  ( . Our stores impact local charities and food banks on a regular basis, and contribute to local fundraising within their community through cake and other product donations.

Plastic is not so fantastic

We LOVE our environment and know that we must do all we can to reduce our impact. PAUL mostly use FSC paper and cardboard packaging, and have further reduced our plastic consumption by making some radical changes throughout the year:

  • Introduced our eco-friendly Re-usable Keep Cup, with 50p from the sale of each Keep Cup going to Bug Life (
  • Diverted more than 120,000 cups from landfill
  • Switched our plastic cutlery for FSC wooden cutlery
  • Launched Recycling Program at store levels – to be rolled out to all UK stores by June 2020
  • COMING SOON: Plastic Free Tea Bags
  • GOAL for 2021: Zero Single Use plastic in all UK stores

Our People Project

Our teams are the bread and butter of our business. In 2019, we made some great improvements to our employee benefits and training:

  • Revamped our Reward & Recognition program
  • Launched an online training portal with 24 hour access
  • Began quarterly Magic Moments (where our Support Office hand deliver eco-friendly products to all staff!)
  • And, had a record breaking number of employees graduate our Rising Star Programme learning the skills to become Assistant Managers.

Our level of development is increasing year on year, with 2019 seeing an increased uptake in Apprenticeships at all levels across the business, from Shops, through to our Support Office.