Earn Free Treats and Drinks via PAUL UK App

It’s all ‘Appening! PAUL UK have launched an exciting new loyalty app to replace the La Carte Noire Loyalty Programme. Our new loyalty and payment app is the quickest way to pay and earn tasty rewards in store – simply by scanning your phone at the till.

  • Mobile Payments
    • Pay with your phone and earn points at the same time!
  • Choose your rewards
    • As your points accumulate, you can exchange them from free items in the points store on the app.
  • Earn free hot drinks with our app stamps
    • Buy 9, get the 10th Free! Collect ‘stamps’ on the app when you purchase barista made hot drinks  
  • Surprise gifts from PAUL
    • Every now and then, we’ll send you exclusive treats to say thanks for being a great PAUL customer 


Enter PAULUK1000 into the app promocode section and you'll be on your way to a delicious signature pain au chocolate. After you've made your second transaction, you'll automatically receive a free beignet voucher!


How to use PAUL UK Loyalty App

Step 1) Download & Register



Step 2) Turn on notifications to avoid missing out on the best deals near you!

  • Head to the settings section (tap the bottom right icon)
  • Select notification preferences and choose how you’d like us to communicate our offers, freebies and more with you!


Step 3) Link a payment card

  • …if you want to! Or just use it for loyalty points & rewards
  • Linking your payment card makes your experience easier and quicker. All you need to do is scan your app at the till to pay and earn your points and rewards all at the same time


Step 4) Home page

  • Voucher, points & stamps you’ve earnt so far are displayed at the top for you


paul app homescreen


  • Below this are ideas on what to spend your points on in the points store (click View More, to see the full range of tasty treats you can use your points on)


paul app points screen


  • At the bottom of the homepage is your stamp card for hot barista made drinks – see how many stamps you have and how many you need to get your next free hot drink! 


Step 5) Store search

  • Use GSP or search your postcode to find the nearest PAUL near you
  • This gives you details on each store, such as opening hours, directions, amenities, contact details, address and distance


Step 6) Wallet

  • Click this when you’re in the store and want to pay/ collect points via the app – simply scan your QR code at the till.


Paul App Wallet QR code


  • You can also link your payment card here if you wish, to make paying at PAUL even easier (it will apply your loyalty points at the same time)!
  • You can also view and use your vouchers from this page.  


Step 7) Activity

  • Here you can view your past purchases, which stores you have visited and what stamps/ points you have earned in your transactions.
  • You can also view and use your vouchers from this page.  


Step 8) Settings

  • Add a promo code

            - If you’ve been given a promo code or see one advertised on our posters, emails, social media etc. enter it here to receive your reward!

  • My details

            - Edit your personal details, email address, phone number, DOB and payment card

  • Passcode

            - You can set a passcode to make your app more secure

  • Notifications preferences

            - Edit how we contact you via Yoyo – e.g. Push notification or Emails form Yoyo Wallet

  • Help centre

            - This is a great place to learn how to use the app and make the most of it. If you have a question or want to learn more, this would be the place to start.

  • Log out

           - Does what it says on the tin 


Need more info about our new loyalty app? Visit here:


Watch this space for exciting offers coming to the PAUL UK App soon!