It's always the way every Valentine's Day, there are the planners and then there are the ones who are the last minute frantic buyers!

Whatever camp you fall into, we can tell you that you can never go wrong with cake! No matter how late you've left it, we've got a plan for you to get back in the good books!

Here are some delicious Valentine food gift ideas – let’s hope your Valentine will share them with you!

1. A Heart Shaped Cake for your Loved Ones - £19.95

Heart Shaped Cake

Is there anything sweeter than a heart shaped cake for your loved ones to share. This lockdown has been difficult for all so we thought it'd be so lovely to send heart shaped cakes across the whole of London as a way of celebrating loved ones in our lives. We'd like to think that it's the perfect and of course, the most delicious way of reminding those special ones in our lives just how precious they are.

2. A Sweet Surprise - with some serious French Style - £27.95

Now that's what you call a bundle of love. Our Sent with Love Box includes all your favourite things, including two individual heart shaped cakes, plenty of cute macaroons to fight over, moreish chocolate dipped heart shaped biscuits and of course, the ultimate favourite of all, five soft dough chocolate filled beignets. A clear Valentine's Day favourite, our Sent with Love box has definitely been built to please and we're sure it will! We think it would be the most delicious way of sharing love this loved ones this Valentine's Day.

3. You & Me Bundle of Love £19.95

A simpler take on the Sent with Love Box, the You & Me Bundle include the sweetest heart shaped cakes and of course a bundle of macaroons. What's so special about this bundle is that you can continue to add your absolute favourites to it to make it the ultimate parcel of joy. So if it's extra beignets you'd like or even some pastries to make it into a breakfast in bed, why not!