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  1. Marvellous Macarons at home!

    Marvellous Macarons at home!

    This is the basic recipe for almond macarons.  They are delicious when sandwiched together with chocolate ganache, jam or buttercream. Ingredients 250g caster sugar60 ml water3 egg whites (125g in total)63g icing...
  2. Make French Toast at home!

    Make French Toast at home!

    Easy French Toast French toast, called Pain Perdu in French (or if you prefer, Eggy Bread!) is an absolute breeze to make and a delicious way of using up slightly stale bread. ...
  3. How to make Baguette Crisps

    How to make Baguette Crisps

    Perfect on salads and on the side of soup! A classic baguette is made with no preservatives, so if you haven’t devoured it on the day you bought it, it will be...
  4. Carrot Mug Cake Recipe!

    Carrot Mug Cake Recipe!

    We think this recipe is a winner especially because it's easy enough to make, doesn't require many ingredients, can be made with the family and is quite simply, delicious! Ingredients Don't feel...
  5. Garlic Croutons - Recipes to make at home

    Garlic Croutons - Recipes to make at home

    As we all adjust to our new reality, we know how hard it can be to come up with great ideas for what to eat every day, three meals a day.  Knowing...

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