Favourite PAUL Products – PAUL At 130


The PAUL Baguette – we have to include this one, the authentic daily bread of France, a lovingly hand-crafted loaf that is so simple, yet so good.  Our baguettes contain only our own unique flour, grown and milled for us in France, plus water, yeast and sea salt.  This is an ancient craft.  Every artisan loaf takes a minimum of 7 hours to mix, knead, ferment, prove and bake.  We’re proud to serve you our baguettes, made with love, skill and patience, fresh from our ovens today and every day.


Richard, one of our expert PAUL bakers, says “My favourite product to make is bread.  There’s something so satisfying about producing a decent loaf, something that represents hospitality all around the world.  It gives me a huge kick when it comes out of the oven looking perfect!  Some of my happiest #PAULmoments have been sharing my love for bread and pâtisserie making in our Masterclasses.”


If you want to learn the secrets of bread making from the friendly PAUL bakers, sign up for one of our fantastic bread masterclasses. 


baguette PAUL bread masterclass

Fraisier cake strawberry 


The Fraisier – an enduring and much-loved classic of the French pâtissier’s art, with a pretty pale green marzipan topping and a side decoration of fresh strawberry slices, encasing layers of airy Genoese sponge, silky crème mousseline and strawberries.  You can order it in larger sizes, personalise it with your own special message, and from now until 26th August you can get 25% off the 6-8 portion Fraisier, as well as the lovely raspberry Framboisier or luscious chocolate Craquant cakes when you order online


The PAUL classic croissant – the baking of a really good croissant is a highly skilled job.  We’ve had plenty of practice!  To enjoy a croissant at its best, it must be truly fresh.  This is what our baker, Richard, has to say:


“My favourite product to eat is the classic croissant.  It takes so much skill to make it and it’s very hard to get it right.  The butter and pâte Viennoise have to be the same consistency so that they bake at the same rate.  When it’s good – just out of the oven and left to rest for 20 minutes – a croissant is beautiful: soft, just slightly warmer than room temperature, the outer layer with just the right amount of crispiness.  When you rip it apart it’s soft and slightly flaky inside with a delightful buttery smell.  After four hours, it’s past its best.  That’s why you won’t find a croissant that’s more than four hours old in any PAUL bakery.”


Pop in for a croissant for a great start to any day, or order a platter of croissants to share at home or for a breakfast meeting. 



To celebrate our 130th birthday we’ve launched a special Spin the Wheel game on the PAUL UK App. Just spend £5 or more on the App and Spin the Wheel for the chance to win a tasty treat or extra points to spend in our Points Store. If you haven’t got the App already, you can download it to your phone from the App Store or Google Play.  Bonne chance!

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