We are so proud to have won four accreditations in this year’s prestigious Great Taste Awards in our categories of Bread and Patisserie. 


Established in 1994 by the Guild of Fine Food, the awards champion ‘genuine food people who care about the quality of food and drink they produce’.   Over the years, the Great Taste Awards have come to be recognised by critics and consumers alike as rewarding outstanding products that you know you can trust.  

10,000 entries are judged in a series of blind tastings across multiple categories by more than 400 judges over 49 tasting days.  The judges include retailers, journalists, chefs, food writers, restaurateurs and buyers.   Of the 10,000 annual entries, typically around 30% receive accreditations.  Standards are extremely high.  As the tastings are blind, consumers know that the winners have been honoured for great taste alone, and not on packaging or marketing.  So you can understand why we are so thrilled.


Our award-winning products are:


Pain aux Deux Olives 400g – our crusty and light Two Olive Bread with an intense flavour of the olives of Provence, scented with thyme.  Dab it in a very good olive oil or serve with a flavourful tomato or Niçoise salad.  We also use it to make our popular Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich. 


What the judges said:  “Visually very appealing with a good distribution of olives.  A good soft and moist centre and nice open texture,  Delicate olive aroma and good balance of sweetness and bitterness delivered by different types of olives”.


Pain de Campagne 400g – our rich, brown Farmhouse Bread made from a soft blend of natural yeast, rye flour, milled flour and sea salt.  Very good with any hearty lunch or supper dish, or lightly toasted and served with charcuterie. 


What the judges said: “A gorgeous looking loaf with an attractive colour and split.  A good yeasty smell, tastes healthy!  A good crisp crust and the rye flavour is enticing.  Would be delicious with a good wodge of butter”.


Millefeuillea French classic featuring baked buttery puff pastry filled with rum-laced vanilla custard cream, topped with white fondant icing.  Lovely with tea or coffee, or as a dessert.   You can buy individual slices, or larger versions to serve 6 or 12 people. 


What the judges said:  “What a pleasure to the eye!  A well made, crisp flaky pastry with good laminations, the custard is soft and creamy”. 


Framboisier – our pretty Raspberry Sponge Cake made with Genoese sponge, mousseline cream and fresh raspberries, finished with ivory marzipan and decorated with whole fresh raspberries.   The Framboisier is a fabulous cake for birthdays and celebrations, as it can be personalised with your own message.   The standard size serves 6 people, but you can order it in larger sizes. 


What the judges said: : “Light, delicate sponge.  Rich smooth mousseline.  Very good quality raspberries and a delicate layer of almond paste – beautifully made with real skill”.


So why do our products taste so good?  Well, it’s not just about the quality of the ingredients we use, although that is crucial; nor is it all about traditional, hand-crafted methods of production, although this is how we have always worked; it’s also about freshness, without which the best ingredients and production methods are wasted.  At PAUL, if it isn’t perfectly fresh, it isn’t good enough. 


Our bakers make our cakes and pastries fresh every day.   Our croissants and pain chocolat have a shelf life of no more than 4 hours.  After that, as far as we’re concerned, they are no longer fresh.  This is why we prove and bake them all day long.  All of our artisan breads are hand made daily, using time honoured methods of production.  We use absolutely no artificial ingredients or additives.  Each loaf takes seven hours to make from start to finish.  Our long, slow proving method makes all the difference to the flavour of the finished bread.  Every PAUL bakery either bakes its own bread on site or receives three deliveries of bread every day, warm from our ovens, so that you know it’s at its very best when you take it home. 


If you want to know more about how we bake our award-winning bread, why not try one of our popular Bread Masterclasses at PAUL Covent Garden, PAUL Bankside or PAUL Tower 42 and learn from our expert bakers how to make your own very professional bread?   It’s a great evening, and you get to take home all sorts of lovely PAUL goodies, including, of course, a big bag of all the bread you have baked.  Don’t worry, it freezes well too!


If you want some more instructions and top tips from one of our great PAUL bakers, check out the PAUL-sponsored YouTube Channel Maelle and Richard Cook, where you will find a collection of cookery lesson videos featuring Maelle Holder, the youngest of the sixth generation of the Holder family that owns PAUL, along with leading PAUL baker Richard Blades.  There’s a great recipe here for a really versatile everyday white bread dough that Maelle and Richard use to make focaccia, mini pizzas and even bread ‘salad bowls’ to hold individual salads.  You can also find their recipe for Vanilla Pastry cream, exactly as featured in Great Taste-accredited Millefeuille.  They use the pastry cream to fill éclairs, and you’ll find their choux pastry recipe there too.  Have a go, and you’ll soon be as passionate about great-tasting freshly baked bread and pastries as we are!


We hope you come in soon to try these great tasting products for yourself.


Bon Appétit.