Birthday Food

Our beautiful birthday cakes are freshly baked to order for you, and our platters of mini sandwiches make the perfect accompaniment to a birthday lunch or tea. If you want to kick off your celebrations with a special breakfast, treat yourself to a platter or two of our gorgeous golden croissants and pastries. Everyone deserves delicious treats on their birthday. Just order online, and we’ll deliver a festive feast to your door.


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Birthday Party Food Delivery from PAUL UK


Make every birthday celebration extra special with birthday party food from PAUL.  Just order your birthday food online, and let us bring the party to your door.  Our show-stopping cakes are ideal for birthdays, and many of them can be personalized too.  We can even provide a birthday card.  Birthday brunch or afternoon tea?  We have everything you need to feed happy crowds, so make it a Joyeux Anniversaire with birthday food delivery from PAUL.  



Order Online Birthday Party Food


Catering for a birthday party is easy when you enlist the help of our expert bakers! All you need to do is place your order online, by midday on the day before you want to receive your food delivery, and we prepare everything for you and deliver it to your door. Our wonderful, hand-crafted cakes are made to order. Every fruity Fraisier or Framboisier, Classic Carrot Cake, or delightfully decadent Craquant, Forêt Noire or Chocolate Macaron Cake is a little celebration in itself. A pile of our colorful Mini Macarons looks wonderful. Add sharing platters of mini versions of our best-selling sandwiches, and you’ve got a party right there. Fancy a birthday brunch? No one can resist mini versions of croissants, pain au chocolat, escargots raisins and gourmandises, not to mention mini chocolate beignets. Place your order, relax, enjoy the birthday!