Our Commitment


PAUL's commitment to its staff

At PAUL we take our responsibility to our staff and the communities we serve seriously. We listen to how our teams want to give back, and we support both international and local charities. So far we have raised over £9,000.00 from the 5p plastic bag levy introduced in England in October 2015, and this has been donated to Action Against Hunger (, helping them to provide the nutrition treatment needed to save the lives of over 200 severely malnourished children and nurse them back to health.    

Sharing our daily bread

We work with various local London charities to ensure that our food left over at the end of the day goes to those who need it. Our own PAUL van collects from several of our London shops and delivers leftover food to the West London Day Centre ( Several other charities collect leftover food directly from our shops, including 240 Project (, Order of Malta (, St. Martin in the Fields ( and the Notre Dame Refugee Centre ( 

Please contact PAUL UK at if you have any suggestions for organisations to whom PAUL could donate their surplus products.  Thank you.