Our Commitment



At PAUL we take our responsibility to the environment and our communities we serve seriously. Having partnered with Too Good To Go since May 2018, we are more committed than ever to reducing our contribution to landfill and our carbon footprint by rescuing meals that would otherwise go to waste.

Our stores within London service several charities by having one of our own PAUL drivers collect leftover bread directly from our shops and then redistributing this to The Felix Project and West London Day Centre. We also provide surplus product to local charities including the Order of Malta and Marylebone Food Cycle.

Our chosen charity for the 0.5p plastic bag levy is Action Against Hunger, helping them to provide the nutrition treatment needed to save the lives of hundreds of seriously malnourished children.

PAUL are committed to reducing single use plastic across all stores which included removal of plastic straws from the business in 2018. Plastic cutlery will be removed during the first quarter of 2019.

We have re-useable cups available for customers to purchase offering a 50p discount on take away hot drinks. PAUL uses packaging on its products that is recyclable, biodegrade-able or compostable and paper sandwich bags replacing plastic sandwich bags in 95% of our stores. Watch this space for further plastic reduction initiatives throughout 2019.





PAUL has joined forces with The Felix Project since 2016 to help fight food waste by having our bakers create a delicious Bread Pudding from the surplus bread as well as providing them with full loaves. This is collected daily by the Felix Project volunteers and is now reaching multiple charities serving the homeless, people suffering from mental illness, women in refuges, children, and the elderly.  In 2018 we managed to turn 4.5 tonnes of bread into bread pudding.

Our annual Christmas appeal, where we donate 50p for every 400g or larger loaf sold during December each year, commenced in 2016 and has raised over £38,000. The Felix Project have used these proceeds towards new delivery vehicles for their organisation to continue providing food for those who need it.

Our Operations Team and Support Office team members regularly volunteer at Refettorio Felix to help give a plate of food to those that normally go without. You can find out more about this great charity on their website For any enquiries relating to PAUL’s sustainability or social responsibilities, please contact